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About Us

The PBC Foundation is the only UK organisation exclusively dedicated to providing support and information to those affected by PBC



  • Collette Thain MBE - Chief Executive Officer

    Collette Thain MBE - Chief Executive Officer

    Collette Thain MBE is the CEO of the PBC Foundation.  Having been diagnosed with PBC in 1994, I set about trying to inform myself about my condition, its implications for my life and how best I could help myself.  Eventually, I found the PBC Patient Support Group which was enormously helpful, albeit limited: there were patients there but no formally written information which was known to be current or even accurate.  This led me to form the PBC Foundation in 1996 and watched it grow into one of the world's leading PBC organisations.  I have had many proud moments over the years, from accepting my MBE on behalf of "those suffering from PBC" to seeing the completion of our first PBC Compendium, "Living with PBC".  I still love my work as CEO, keeping us on an even keel financially, developing new services, keeping in touch with members and knowing that no two days are ever the same.

  • David Campbell - Secretary

    David Campbell - Secretary

    David Campbell has been on the Board of the Foundation since 2011. He is a solicitor in Edinburgh where he lives with his wife and son. David enjoys music and theatre and the great outdoors.

  • Eileen Brownlie

    Eileen Brownlie

    Eileen, who lives in Edinburgh, has many years experience of working in the private, public and voluntary sectors. She has been a Trustee of the Foundation since 2005 was formerly the Chairman.

  • Sharon Stuart

    Sharon Stuart

    Sharon Stuart is a seasoned Cluster Sales Manager for one of the UK’s fastest growing privately owned hotel groups, Splendid Hospitality Group.  She currently manages sales at the PBC’s neighbouring boutique Hotel Indigo Edinburgh on York Place as well as the Piries Hotel in Haymarket.

    Sharon has established a career in hotel sales spanning over 10 years working with a range of hotels including the luxury Waldorf Astoria and Galgorm Resort and Spa.  Sharon’s skills include forging successful partnerships and driving sales for the hotels in her region.

    Her best friend, Caroline, was diagnosed with PBC in 2009 and since then Sharon has become an ambassador for the Foundation helping to raise awareness through a variety of fundraising events.

    As a Trustee of The PBC Foundation Sharon’s key objectives will be to help continue to raise the profile of the organization, support more fundraising and commercially led activities and participate in boosting the organisation’s social media outreach.

    In her spare time Sharon loves spending time with Caroline going swimming and taking her two dogs out for long walks in the Eildon hills.  Sharon also has a secret bucket list of travels to tick off with friends and family. Her next destination is Mexico!

  • Jane Thomas

    Jane Thomas

    I was diagnosed in 1996 with PBC, I felt my world had been taken from under me, I was 38 years old, a mother of a 13 year old daughter and married to a great man.  I have a brilliant consultant who explained everything to me and my husband but most of what he said went over my head,  all I heard was liver disease. He then handed a leaflet and a phone number to my husband and said that this lady has started up a group and to contact her.

    When we got home I was in total shock and my husband phoned the number and he spoke to the lady, she asked to speak to me but at that time I didn't want to, however, he just thrust the phone into my hand. It was the best thing I ever did as the lady at the end of the phone was Collette and she has become a great friend. I was doing well but in March 2004 I had to have a liver transplant. In 2006  became a volunteer for the Foundation for the Hampshire area with a very dear friend Jo Elliot who sadly passed away last year with cancer. I lost my husband in 2009 in tragic circumstances and if it wasn't for my family, friends and especially the PBC Foundation then I think I would have given up.

    I love being a volunteer helping members to cope with their PBC and also showing them that there is life after a transplant and that there is always someone at the end of the phone. This year I was invited to become a Trustee of the Foundation which I was delighted to accept.  They are a great bunch of people who are totally dedicated to keeping the Foundation going (money is always tight) and to doing everything possible to raise the profile of PBC and to support every single person diagnosed with this condition.

    In 2017 I had to have a second liver transplant and I am very doing well. I have a rescue dog which needs walking every day.  This gets me out and about and helps with my energy levels. It’s lovely chatting with other dog walkers too.  My two grandchildren keep me on my toes – they and my daughter are a complete joy to me and I am so very proud of them.

  • Adrian Innes - Chairman of Board of Trustees

    Adrian Innes - Chairman of Board of Trustees

    Adrian Innes started his career in banking over 30 years ago in Forres as bank junior, prior to moving to Aberdeen, where he worked for 18 years, then moving to Edinburgh as Senior Business Development Manager for the Royal Bank of Scotland. Adrian joined the Clydesdale Bank in 2005 and is now Head of Business Direct Glasgow.

    Responsible for the financial performance of Business Direct, within Business and Private Bank and delivers with a sense of urgency. Demonstrates excellent leadership behaviours, inspiring and motivating employees to achieve excellence in individual and team performance. Develops a dynamic strategy tailored to the business market and is an ambassador of the Business and Private Bank brand in local community. A key objective is to ensure that the business remains focused to achieve optimal and sustainable financial performance as well as satisfying risk management and compliance standards across the whole Business.

    Over the years Adrian has developed a wealth of experience working with businesses from start up to well established companies throughout Scotland ensuring the business remains focused to achieve optimal and sustainable financial performance.

  • Professor James Neuberger

    Professor James Neuberger

    Professor James Neuberger is an Honorary Consultant Physician at the Liver Unit, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham and Associate Medical Director at Organ Donation and Transplantation in NHS Blood and Transplant. He qualified from Oxford and trained in London, Leeds and Birmingham. He has had a long-term interest in liver disease, especially Primary Biliary Cholangitis, and liver transplantation. He has published extensively on liver disease.

  • Dr George Mells

    Dr George Mells

    Dr George Mells is a Consultant Hepatologist at Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and co-investigator in UK-PBC, which is a collaborative project aimed at the development of precision medicine for PBC.

  • Lynn Warren

    Lynn Warren

    Lynn lives in Cheshire and became a member of the PBC Foundation in 2000 shortly after being diagnosed, becoming a volunteer a few years later in 2003.

    Lynn is retired after a career as a civil servant which has given her the experience and skills and confidence necessary to contribute fully as a trustee of the foundation.

    Lynn has witnessed the growth of the foundation and recognises the knowledge and wide experience of the board members will ensure it continues to do so. She feels her main contribution should focus on giving a members perspective on how decisions made by the board impact on the support given.

  • Goksel Osman

    Goksel Osman

    I was diagnosed with PBC in 2000 and joined the PBC Foundation soon after. I have been a volunteer for the past four years and held regular meetings in central London which are always well attended. I also incorporated Hertfordshire into my area last year. I became a trustee of the PBC Foundation in July 2019.          

  • Professor David Jones

    Professor David Jones

    Professor David Jones is a Consultant Hepatologist based at Freeman Hospital, Newcastle Upon Tyne NHS Foundation Trust. I trained in Oxford before moving to Newcastle in 1988.  I have worked in autoimmune liver disease for the last 20 years and run the largest autoimmune liver disease clinical service in the UK. We have an international reputation for our work and for our focus in particular on controlled symptoms. I co-wrote the European treatment guidelines for autoimmune liver disease upon which all current therapy is based. I lead the UK PBC Consortium which brings together all centres in the UK with the goal of improving therapy for everybody with autoimmune liver disease. 

  • Louise Ferguson

    Louise Ferguson

    Louise has worked in the IT industry for over 10 years and has supported the PBC Foundation in this area of operation for all of this time. She is a firm friend of the Foundation and hopes her knowledge in the technology and social media field can help increase awareness of the wonderful mission the PBC Foundation provides globally to its members.