Urso Dose Calculator
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The PBC Foundation is the only UK based organisation that specifically deals with PBC.

Urso Dose Calculator

Urso Dose Calculator

Did you know that your weight has a direct relationship with your Urso dose?

This is extremely important as weight isn’t necessarily constant, and many of us will put on or lose some weight over time which can have a direct impact on optimal response.

Unfortunately, there are still many PBC patients on too low a dose which can have a number of serious implications. 

At the PBC Foundation, we believe the sooner everyone is on the correct dose, the better. Our Urso Dose Calculator has been developed to help you check and track that your Urso dose is right for your weight:

  • Visually calculate and track your dose without any equations.

  • Weights are displayed in Metric and Imperial so finding your recommended daily dose is simple.
  • Find your weight on the Urso Dose Calculator, your recommended daily dose is next to it on the dosing scale.

  • Keep it handy for future reference and/or when discussing your treatment with a clinician.

  • If your weight changes, you may need to alter your Urso dose*.


Download your Urso Dose Calculator here


Our Urso Dose Calculator has been designed as guidance for achieving the standard recommended dosage. In some clinical situations, your clinician may recommend a different dose. If you are not taking the recommended dose, we advise that you discuss with your clinician that you are on the right dose for you.

*Do not stop or adjust your dose of Ursodeoxycholic Acid without discussing this first with your clinician. Urso is recommended as a lifetime treatment, even if your liver results are normal you should not stop the treatment, this likely means it’s working!