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La Fondazione PBC è l'unica organizzazione nel Regno Unito dedicato esclusivamente a fornire supporto e informazioni per le persone affette da PBC.



The PBC Foundation has a network of volunteers which covers most of the UK and Ireland.  Our Volunteers are a local point of contact, usually someone affected by PBC who has decided to give back to the Foundation and our members, a friend who understands how it is to live with PBC.  They will host meetings at a local level; they will act as a conduit between our membership and the Foundation, passing important information both ways; they will often host fundraising events, of all sizes, and support their local members when they host events, too.  Our Volunteer network is one of the most crucial services we offer, particularly to newly diagnosed members.  There is much said about the first time somebody diagnosed with PBC meets someone else with PBC, or even the first time a carer meets another carer.  There is so much information and understanding that can be shared, all of which makes living with PBC that little bit easier.  Perhaps you would consider joining our network.  Volunteering is a hugely fulfilling role and doesn't take anywhere near as much time as you would expect.

If you’d like to support those within your local community who are affected by PBC, then you may wish to consider becoming a regional volunteer.  Alternatively, you can join our team of administrative volunteers, who help with the running of our charity both remotely, and at our offices in Edinburgh.

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