1000 survey responses in a weekend - Thank You
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The PBC Foundation is the only UK based organisation that specifically deals with PBC.

1000 survey responses in a weekend - Thank You

1000 survey responses in a weekend - Thank You

What a wonderful community we have. In response to our survey sent out last week, we received over 1000 responses in the space of a weekend. Even more impressive considering we only sent to email recipients on our database, so about 30% of you responded when asked, which is a huge uptake level. 

That level of response is hugely valuable to research. It is a sizeable proportion of the PBC population. 

To put this in context, when polls are conducted during an election or referendum in the UK, they are usually in the region of 1000 people surveyed. 1000 is regarded as a reasonable barometer of 65 million for the most important opinion poll its possible to take in a modern democracy. That is a sample group which equates to roughly 0.0000015% of the target group. 

In the UK there are an estimated 22,000 people living with PBC (many of whom are undiagnosed). In the space of a bank holiday weekend we had 4.5% of that demographic give detailed information to help research. 

We cannot overstate how important and valuable this is to finding new treatments and ultimately, one day, a cure. The power to change your life is in your collective hands. 

So thank you.