Alan takes on the West Highland Way
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Alan takes on the West Highland Way

Alan takes on the West Highland Way

Walking 96 miles across some of the most mountainous landscapes in the UK might not be everyone's idea of a lifetime aspiration, but for our Operations Manager, Alan, it most certainly was on the bucket list. 

As motivation for the mountainous miles, he decided to raise funds for us while he went. And motivate him the comunity certainly did. 

If you're interested, you can read his walk journal at the following link, complete with many stunning photos of the scenery en route.

Thinking of walking the West Highland Way? 

Here's Alan's top ten things to consider;

  1. Plan your journey to a timeframe that suits your level of fitness. The guidebook and YouTube provide a good insight. 
  2. Build in a few back to back training walks ahead of the event. Aim for around 13-14 miles each day, to get used to walking long distances in daily succession. 
  3. Vary the terrain in training too. 13 miles on a good flat footpath is nowhere near the same as 13 miles over rocky, undulating paths and roads which quickly take their toll on the feet
  4. Do wear good., well fitted boots or hiking shoes, suitable for the type of terrain you will be walking on. 
  5. Two pairs of good socks. Wear a thin liner sock and a good quality walking sock over the top. The two sock technique is effective at preventing blisters, as the friction occurs between the two layers*.If you get hotspots then Compede is an effective remedy. 
  6. If you can push the boat out further then invest in a pair of good insoles. 
  7. Pamper your feet like they have never been pampered before. Talcum powder them for extra care. 
  8. Be prepared for all eventualities: good waterproofs, sunscreen, midge repellent
  9. Keep yourself hydrated. Drink before you are thirsty. 
  10. Don't forget the hipflask.

*this is a topic of debate among walkers.