July On-line Services
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July On-line Services

July On-line Services

As lockdown continues to ease, we are reviewing some of our online services throughout July and there will be some changes. We shall be updating this article regularly, so please do come back to make sure you have all the relevant links.

We will no longer be hosting our Self-management sessions on a Tuesday at 2pm.

We will continue to support you through our helpline, which is available using data services as well as traditional telephone.

The remaining two aspects to our online support services (all of which are listed in UK time) are aimed at strengthening the community; improving knowledge; and fun and laughter.

Our July online services include:

1) Chit-Chats on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 4pm

2) Q&A webinars on Thursday at 2pm

1) Collette and Robert will host our Chit-Chat sessions 3 days a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Join us and the community for what we like to call "coffee with friends", albeit friends from all around the world. We have all sorts of chatter from recipes to quizzes, to games to live music each Friday in our Friday Fizz.

During week commencing 26th July the Chit-Chats will be on Monday 26th and our Friday Fizz on Friday 30th July will be an extended session.  There will be no 4pm session on Wednesday 28th. We would be delighted to welcome you into these shenanigans.

Following the success of our one-off special face-to-face Chit-Chat on Mon 21st June using our Clickmeeting technology, we will look at organising another later in July.  Please revisit this page for details. (We are limited to 25 attending at any one moment and so this will be first come, first served)

2) Our popular Q&A sessions with our guest medics will continue on a Thursday.

Recordings of our webinars will be available on our Facebook page.

Thursday 01st July: Q&A with Collette Thain MBE and Professor James Neuberger

Event URL: https://pbcfoundation.clickmeeting.com/0107

Event ID: 285-888-949

Thursday 08th July: Q&A with Collette Thain MBE and Professor David Jones OBE

Event URL: https://pbcfoundation.clickmeeting.com/0807

Event ID: 544-134-619

Tuesday 13th July: Special Q&A with Collette Thain MBE/Robert Mitchell-Thain & Dr Cynthia Levy

Event URL: https://pbcfoundation.clickmeeting.com/1307

Event ID: 762-453-496

Thursday 15th July: Q&A with Collette Thain MBE and Dr George Mells

Event URL: https://pbcfoundation.clickmeeting.com/1507

Event ID: 689-233-844

Thursday 22nd July: Q&A with Collette Thain MBE and Dr Vinod Hegade

Event URL: https://pbcfoundation.clickmeeting.com/2207

Event ID: 489-153-837

Thursday 29th July: Q&A with Collette Thain MBE and Professor James Neuberger

Event URL: https://pbcfoundation.clickmeeting.com/2907

Event ID: 476-891-643