New Itch Survey
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The PBC Foundation is the only UK based organisation that specifically deals with PBC.

New Itch Survey

New Itch Survey

We are delighted to be sharing this news with you, particularly if you are someone with itch caused by your PBC. 

We have had a number of successful surveys on our App, which are already making a difference in terms of PBC knowledge and care.  Through the data generated by the App, we have produced a number of abstracts that have been presented at events such as EASL (European Association for Study of the Liver), BSG (British Society of Gastroenterology), Swiss Autoimmune Liver Disease Conference and with another poster coming up at Scottish Society of Gastroenterology.

With this in mind, we are delighted to be working in partnership with Escient Pharmaceuticals to explore the patient experience with itch, also known as pruritus. Escient is a small privately held biotechnology company that has been working on a new approach to treating itch and they want to fully understand the itch experience in PBC: how bad, how often, how it can affect quality of life, the emotional impact, etc. This information can all drive the next generation of itch research, in turn leading to better treatments so we are excited to be partnering them in this project.

As you may already know, the App has a number of different aspects: PBC information, self-management, symptom, dose and test trackers, and surveys. With the surveys, we are looking to use the patient experience to improve the patient experience.

You can download the App from here:

Apple App

And here:

Android App

If you have already downloaded the App, then do take part and ensure your voice is heard.

So please do come and take part in this survey and share with us your experience: even of you don’t itch! This information is so important to us moving forward.