PBC Smartie Challenge
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The PBC Foundation is the only UK based organisation that specifically deals with PBC.

PBC Smartie Challenge

PBC Smartie Challenge

Our amazing Nottingham volunteers Wendy and Gill wanted to raise funds for #PBCday2019 so they created the #PBCsmartiechallenge for their group to get involved in.

Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJd7IaQCk-I&feature=youtu.be

So far they have raised over £200 and its rising. Now they would like to invite the world to take part in their challenge, hopefully you will join them and make a difference to the people who suffer from this debilitating illness.

Give your family and friends a little treat

A tube of smarties for them to eat

There's a little seed that you should sow

Please speak to all the people they know

Fill the tube right to the top

Help boost the PBC Foundation Fundraising pot

Give out tubes of Smarties to all your friends and family for them enjoy . Ask them to take the empty tube to their work place, pubs and clubs and fill them to the top with either £1 coins or 20p pieces. Return the filled tube to you by 18 November.

Please visit out Justgiving page at: https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/PBCSmartieChallenge to donate.

Thanks you for participating, we look forward to hearing your stories.