Volunteer Opportunity | Edinburgh Office | Fundraising
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The PBC Foundation is the only UK based organisation that specifically deals with PBC.

Volunteer Opportunity | Edinburgh Office | Fundraising

Volunteer Opportunity | Edinburgh Office | Fundraising

The PBC Foundation is a small organisation in terms of staff and turnover, yet we have a global demand for our information and services. Currently the bulk of the fundraising responsibility sits with one member of staff. We are offering a valuable opportunity to a volunteer to play a crucial role in trying to increase the level of fundraising we are able to do and ultimately the amount of money we raise for our services. 

This opportunity would offer real value to anyone looking to gain professional fundraising experience, mentoring from staff members and personal development training from an external consultant. It would be especially valuable for anyone looking for a career in the Third Sector but who needs real world experience. Equally, it may suit a retired professional looking to contribute to a good cause in their spare time. 

Download the Person Specification here: Fundraising Assistant.pdf

If you are interested in applying, contact Linda Butler (0131 556 6811 or linda@pbcfoundation.org.uk )