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The PBC Foundation is the only UK based organisation that specifically deals with PBC.

Latest News

Latest News

  • Local Virtual Meetings for Volunteers and Members

    Local Virtual Meetings for Volunteers and Members

    Pubblicato: Jan 29th, 2021

    In recent months, our on-line services have proved to be very popular.  We also promised our Volunteers and members that we would look at introducing meetings at a local level. We are therefore delighted to announce that our Volunteers...
  • Now Available... PBC Notecards

    Now Available... PBC Notecards

    Pubblicato: Jan 21st, 2021

    In September last year, inspired and supported by Jasmine McLellan-Jewell, we ran Jasmine's At One With Nature Photography Competition.  We received numerous entries and the standard was of such high quality, Collette could not...