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Upcoming Events

When it comes to living with
PBC, there’s a bigger picture.

Upcoming Events

We aim to help every person affected by PBC live the best life possible. It all comes down to recognising the importance of three things: treatmentlifestyle and support.

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There’s no better person to manage your care than the person who knows you best – you.

From dosage to formulation, your treatment should be fully personalised. When you’re diagnosed with PBC, you’re almost certainly prescribed UDCA straight away. It can be a lifesaving treatment, but it only works properly when you take the right dose for your bodyweight, which can fluctuate up or down. There is also a small percentage of people who don’t fully respond to UDCA and might be offered another option.

Sharing responsibility with your clinician by being actively involved in your treatment helps make sure you’re always getting the best care.

The PBC Foundation app helps you track your moods, symptoms, and test results over time

Download this dosage calculator app to check you’re getting the right dose of UDCA

The EASL guidelines in lay terms suggest for questions for your next appointment


There is more you can do to manage your PBC than just taking medication.

We are happiest when we’re looking after ourselves properly, and that doesn’t change when you have PBC. How active you are, what you eat, and other little choices you make day-today can make a real difference in your happiness and wellbeing. Remember, different things work for different people, and it may take a little trial and error to find the best strategy for you.

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Our compendium is full of lifestyle advice
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This isn’t a journey you need to make on your own.

When you’re diagnosed with a disease you might not have heard of; it’s normal to feel shaken, frightened or even isolated. But we promise, you’re not alone. From coffee mornings to management workshops, the Foundation has a busy calendar of events all over the UK to help you meet friends you didn’t know you had. Just sharing a cup of tea with someone who really understands what you’re going through can make all the difference. And who knows, as you’ve found the support you need, you may find you’ve given it right back.

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