Our Funding Partners
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La Fondazione PBC è l'unica organizzazione sede nel Regno Unito che si occupa specificamente con PBC.

Our Funding Partners

Our Funding Partners

We have always maintained that our services should be provided free of charge to our service users. This is simply because people shouldn't receive support on the basis of their ability to pay. 

While we do receive great support in the form of donations and fundraising, we are fortunate to receive the support of several key funding partners, both from the third sector and private sector. 

Private Sector

Pharmaceutical Companies

Approximately 14.8% of our income comes from a range of pharmaceutical companies, which in the last two financial years includes; Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Shire, Dr Falk Pharma and Novartis

We work with them in accordance to the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry code to protect the impartiality of the charity. Our industry supporters don't have any input into the content of our information.

We review our policies regularly and we'll continue to work with industry partners with a constant focus on what is in the best interests of all those affected by PBC 

Other companies

Capital Document Solutions

Capital Solutions are generous enough to supply us with our photocopying and printing services free of charge and have done so for many years. This wonderful, in-kind, donation is hugely important to us. It facilitates much of what we do on an everyday basis from fundraising to organising meetings. 

If you are interested in becoming a corporate partner, download our Partnership flier here

Third Sector

We are fortunate to receive support from many key third sector funding partners including; 

Big Lottery (Awards for All Scotland, England, Wales & N.Ireland)

The Robertson Trust

Bank of Scotland Foundation

Alliance Scotland

Garfield Weston Foundation