Membership Benefits
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Newly Diagnosed

The PBC Foundation is the only organisation based in the UK that deals specifically with PBC .

Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

If you are affected by PBC, and have not already joined us, we would urge you to join the PBC Foundation. Membership is absolutely free and there are many benefits on joining:


Once registered with us, you will have complete access to our self-management app, available in both android and iOs. The app carries a huge amount of information within it as well as many self-management tools.  It has trackers for things such as symptoms, blood tests, medications, and moods. You will also be able to participate in our International Patient Registry, ensuring your voice is heard and is part of leading the next generation of PBC research.


Upon joining us, you will be given an electronic copy of the compendium which will help address those questions that you may face when dealing with your PBC. It covers everything from PBC in men, PBC and pregnancy, medications, and dealing with symptoms.


You will also be given a password to access the members’ section of the website. Here you will find the compendium in a downloadable format, specially edited video clips and information regarding meetings, workshops and other events.

Bear Facts

New members will receive back issues of our quarterly magazine, “The Bear Facts”. From your date of membership, you will then receive each new edition of our magazine. The Bear Facts includes medical articles written by world eminent PBC specialists from our medical advisory board, members’ tips on symptom management as well as information on the latest PBC Foundation news.

Coming Together

You will be invited to the meetings, workshops and conferences throughout the United Kingdom. From time to time, there may be events in countries other than the UK to which you may be invited.