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Collette's Blog

The PBC Foundation is the only UK based organisation that specifically deals with PBC.

Collette's Blog

Collette's Blog

  • October Vlog

    October Vlog

    Posted: Oct 8th, 2019

    In Collette's October vlog, we encourage our service users to download and use the PBC App, explaining how it can be of enormous benefit to both the user and the Foundation. Please click the following link to view:
  • August Vlog

    August Vlog

    Posted: Aug 13th, 2019

    In Collette's August vlog, we thank our service users who responded to our appeal in July but remind them of the increasing financial pressures on the Foundation due to lack of funding.  please click the following link: Ways...
  • July Vlog

    July Vlog

    Posted: Jul 12th, 2019

    In Collette's July vlog, we inform our service users of increasing financial pressures on the Foundation due to lack of funding.  please click the following link: Ways to donate: By completing a Standing...
  • June Vlog

    June Vlog

    Posted: Jun 7th, 2019

    Watch Collette's June vlog, where she practices #movementasmedicine whilst sharing her thoughts mental health, #NationalVolunteersWeek and physical activity with PBC.
  • February Vlog

    February Vlog

    Posted: Feb 20th, 2019

    In this month's vlog, Collette demonstrates how simple it is to download the latest app from the PBC Foundation: For more detail on the app, its benefits and the log-in procedure, head over to this...
  • December Vlog

    December Vlog

    Posted: Dec 14th, 2018

    For this month's vlog, the staff at the PBC Foundation join Collette in sharing a festive message. Click the following link to watch:  
  • October Vlog

    October Vlog

    Posted: Oct 31st, 2018

    Watch Collette's October vlog to hear the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions:
  • September Vlog

    September Vlog

    Posted: Oct 1st, 2018

    Collette has chosen to raise the topic of looking well with PBC in a vlog. Click the following link to hear her insights:    
  • Don't people do the nicest things...

    Don't people do the nicest things...

    Posted: Jul 30th, 2018

    There is never a day that goes by without me feeling touched and moved with the efforts that people make in order to keep this Foundation in existence.  People of all ages and different backgrounds from across the UK do the most...
  • Seventy Wonderful Years of the NHS

    Seventy Wonderful Years of the NHS

    Posted: Jul 3rd, 2018

    On this day in 1948 under the premiership of Clement Atlee, the Health Secretary, Aneurin Bevan at the Park Hospital in Manchester (today known as Trafford General)  launched the wonderful and fantastic  – NHS. ...
  • These Feet Were Made for Walking!!

    These Feet Were Made for Walking!!

    Posted: May 21st, 2018

    May 2018 is National Walking Month – ah, further encouragement to practice my favourite slogan for us PBC people, ‘Movement as Medicine’.   I was reading up as to why the powers that be were promoting this...
  • It's a funny old world!!

    It's a funny old world!!

    Posted: May 1st, 2018

    Walking along the beach at Bamburgh is a lovely experience but in April, quite chilly! Of course, the three/four mile walk is far more enjoyable watching Holly Jones chase and return her ball, for a small treat I would add. There was...
  • Inspirational


    Posted: Apr 11th, 2018

    Our annual volunteer conference in Edinburgh last week end was inspirational for me in many ways. In spite of the difficulties faced by many of us, ultimately the message I received was a positive one that gave me and the staff a lot...
  • The Nicer Side of Life

    The Nicer Side of Life

    Posted: Mar 20th, 2018

    I was deeply touched when my daughter-in-law (Debbie) telephoned me the other evening to say that she and my son (Robert, whom many of you have met through the Foundation) would be driving into Edinburgh with various bits and bobs...
  • Edinburgh Kiltwalk

    Edinburgh Kiltwalk

    Posted: Sep 18th, 2017

      I’m told that today is Wife Appreciation Day – nice!  I would like to nominate another appreciation day – that of all the selfless, caring, generous and often brave volunteers who support charities across...
  • International PBC Day Sunday 10 September 2017

    International PBC Day Sunday 10 September 2017

    Posted: Sep 7th, 2017

    This photograph was taken at the beginning of the week of International PBC Day. Given the huge task that Robert and three friends of the PBC Foundation have set for themselves, as his mum, I was sure he would benefit from taking...
  • Neath Pop-Up Meeting

    Neath Pop-Up Meeting

    Posted: Sep 19th, 2016

    Hello everyone, Just a quick note to remind you that I will be hosting an informal gathering with other local members in Neath on Thursday 22nd September from 11am-1pm.  I am very much looking forward to meeting everyone. ...
  • Celebrating the PBC Community we've built together

    Celebrating the PBC Community we've built together

    Posted: Sep 9th, 2016

    Celebrating International PBC Day on the 11th September is keeping us busy here in the office.  However, we are indeed very happy to be involved in the preparing and planning of events which we hope will be enjoyed by many. ...
  •  Immediate reflections on PBC Day 2015

    Immediate reflections on PBC Day 2015

    Posted: Sep 14th, 2015

    It was ever so nice to meet up with friends, colleagues, PBC Foundation members, family and of course some lovely little dogs to have a walk through the beautiful Holyrood Park to celebrate International PBC Day.  As you have...
  • Walking the hind legs off a doggy

    Walking the hind legs off a doggy

    Posted: Sep 11th, 2015

    We keep banging the drum for movement as medicine so it is only right that we put our feet where our mouth was, if you get my meaning. Not only that but I managed to get a doctor to join me. Dr Robert (Bob) Gish is one of the pre-eminent...
  • International PBC Day 2015 - map

    International PBC Day 2015 - map

    Posted: Sep 4th, 2015

    See the map below for information of events in your local area. Click on the red dots for more detail. If you haven't let us know your plans yet, do so at this link PBC Day Sign Up Form and to find out more, download this info pack...
  •   The benefits of movement; from dog walking to flying across the English Channel.

    The benefits of movement; from dog walking to flying across the English Channel.

    Posted: Aug 24th, 2015

    The lovely holiday that I enjoyed so much in Northern Ireland in June feels not so much a recent event but rather that it happened many long months ago.  Shortly afterward the trip, I had to undergo surgery to my ankle, which...
  • SaBTO Hepatitis E virus and solid organ transplantation

    SaBTO Hepatitis E virus and solid organ transplantation

    Posted: Aug 21st, 2015

    The following information was circulation by the Advisory Committee on the Safety of Blood, Tissues and Organs (SaBTO) in relation to the Hep E virus. You can download the files below; Letter to Patient Support Group re Hep E SABTO...
  • International PBC Day 2015

    International PBC Day 2015

    Posted: Aug 19th, 2015

    PBC Day is a fantastic opportunity for us all to raise awareness of this condition, raise funds and to bring together our community. This year the theme is Movement as Medicine, promoting the benefits of 30 minutes of physical activity...
  • Opportunity for children of Scottish members

    Opportunity for children of Scottish members

    Posted: Aug 17th, 2015

    We have an exciting new opportunity for our members in Scotland, or rather their children or grandchildren. On the weekend of 9-11th October (starting at 14:00hrs on the 9th), we are holding a weekend of activities, personal development...
  • Clinical Trial opportunity: Rituximab

    Clinical Trial opportunity: Rituximab

    Posted: Aug 10th, 2015

    The RITPBC trial, based in Newcastle upon Tyne, which investigates the use of rituximab as a treatment for severe fatigue in PBC is due to close to recruitment in October 2015. Anyone who has been considering taking part and is keen...
  • A quick video for your tea break

    A quick video for your tea break

    Posted: Jul 23rd, 2015

    On Valentines Day 2015, a fundraising event was held in Edinburgh on a theme of Strictly Come Dancing, to raise funds for us. Watch the video below to see why people were motivated to take part and also see how they got on.
  • Reunion in Northern Ireland

    Reunion in Northern Ireland

    Posted: Jun 8th, 2015

    Northern Ireland is a lovely place to visit, its locals are extremely friendly and very helpful to strangers who don't know they're way around.  Many tips and suggestions are offered as to where to go and what to see, particularly...
  • PBC Name Change

    PBC Name Change

    Posted: Jun 5th, 2015

    Many things have changed over the nineteen years that the Foundation has given to supporting positive aspects in the life of those with PBC, their families and friends. This month, May 2015, sees another significant change when the...
  • London Seminar

    London Seminar

    Posted: Jun 4th, 2015

    We are hosting a Seminar on PBC in London on Thursday 18th June 2015. We are delighted to have  Andrew Mason from Edmonton, Canada who is an expert in PBC and will address the audience to include a questions and answer session. We...
  • Introducing the volunteer Events Committee

    Posted: May 20th, 2015

    We are delighted to announce our new Events Committee to our members and volunteers. This committee was born after a previous independent fundraising event, for which we were the designated charity, which demonstrated both the potential...
  • Belfast Conference

    Posted: May 13th, 2015

    STOP PRESS!  STOP PRESS!  STOP PRESS!  STOP PRESS!  STOP PRESS!  The PBC Foundation is hosting a Conference in Belfast on Saturday 30th May 2015 at:- PARK INN by RADISSON, BELFAST 4 CLARENCE STREET WEST BELFAST BT2...
  • EASL conference & the name change

    EASL conference & the name change

    Posted: Apr 24th, 2015

    At the 2015 EASL conference in Vienna, currently being held, Professor Ulrich Beuers of the Tytgat Institute for Liver and Intestinal Research commenced his address to the delegates by announcing that it would be the last time he...
  • Guidelines and Goodwill

    Guidelines and Goodwill

    Posted: Mar 6th, 2015

    National Guidelines as a tool for health professionals looking after the PBC patient in this country has for many years been at the top of my wish list.  Delighted to tell you that Robert and I attended a meeting at the Royal...
  • Get on your Bike!!

    Get on your Bike!!

    Posted: Sep 10th, 2014

    You will see from the photograph of Holly, my little dog, the beauty and tranquility of the Mull of Kintyre coastline. Oh how she enjoyed those beautiful runs on a deserted beach dancing in and out of the waves. Seems a bit silly...
  • Expanding Circles

    Expanding Circles

    Posted: Jun 27th, 2014

    I spoke earlier of taking a wee rescue dog Holly and the benefits to her and to me in enjoying our walks.  Holly is a cross between a corgi and a Jack Russell terrier and when off the lead, takes great pleasure in hiding...
  • Happy Experience

    Happy Experience

    Posted: Dec 1st, 2013

    As discussed previously, Living with PBC doesn’t come without its challenges, both physical, psychological and emotional. In my previous blog I was keen to share with you some of what worked for me regarding exercise but, as...
  • Exercise Experience

    Exercise Experience

    Posted: Nov 1st, 2013

    Many of you will know that living with PBC does not come without its challenges. Having being diagnosed for nearly twenty years (and suffering the symptoms even longer), as you can imagine, I have tried all sorts to ease the physical...
  • First Blog

    First Blog

    Posted: Oct 1st, 2013

    There is a first time for everything and this my dear friends (or readers) is my very first blog for the PBC Foundation. This has been a good year for us so far, not only do we have this lovely new all singing and dancing website...