Don't people do the nicest things...
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The PBC Foundation is the only UK based organisation that specifically deals with PBC.

Don't people do the nicest things...

Don't people do the nicest things...

There is never a day that goes by without me feeling touched and moved with the efforts that people make in order to keep this Foundation in existence.  People of all ages and different backgrounds from across the UK do the most incredible things in order to raise money for us which is fantastic.  Some people are just amazing and their lives are about helping others whether it be with time, money, special talents – whatever.

Aged 11 and a short time after coping with the ordeal of her mum having not one liver transplant, but two, Eve set about raising money for our charity.  Spending her own pocket money, Eve bought the lovely wee rabbit (which I am holding), looked up fifty of the most popular girls names, chose one for the rabbit in secret, made a list of the rest and then sold them raising a few hundred pounds for us.  Whoever chose the rabbits name got to take her home.  Well, Ruby was her name and believe it or not, I won!  Ruby sits pride of place on my desk and I chat to her often.  I know Eve’s mum and dad are so very proud of her. We can see where Eve learned the compassion to help others, as her mum is a long-standing volunteer for the Foundation.  Here in the office we speak about Eve with great affection and of course, we tell her story to anyone that will listen.  It’s an inspirational story and I am delighted to report mum is having a wonderful life after her transplant - she has just recently passed a whole load of exams, too. 



All charities need help to varying degrees as do our friends, neighbours and not forgetting our family from time to time. One of my children’s neighbours is an elderly gentlemen who is extremely ill and has been taken into hospital. His whole life since retirement was spent looking after his two rescue dogs, walking them three times a day.  Given his sight problems, other dog walkers would always look out for him.  His dogs were his best friends.  Not only did my offspring agree to take ownership of this gentlemen’s dogs, they are being taken to visit him in the hospice every day.  The chap said that if he had to choose a couple to take his dogs, they would be that couple. How lovely that in these awful circumstances, he is so happy and at peace that they are the dogs’ new owners. Personally, I think they are mad as they have two rescue dogs of their own but, I am very proud that they have made a dying man so very happy. I am sure that many of us will help out when and where we can.

                                                dog in water

There is painful hardship in these stories BUT  there is also huge amount of love and care demonstrated from people who make a positive difference to our lives.  Like most people with chronic health problems, I have my down times and I know that it is down to me to pick myself up, nobody can do it for me.  I have a bank full of stories similar to what I have written here today and thinking them through when I am a bit low, always lifts my spirits.  I feel truly blessed that I know so many people that bring happiness to others in all its different forms.  I like to think this kind of behaviour is infectious too!!