Edinburgh Kiltwalk
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The PBC Foundation is the only UK based organisation that specifically deals with PBC.

Edinburgh Kiltwalk

Edinburgh Kiltwalk


I’m told that today is Wife Appreciation Day – nice!  I would like to nominate another appreciation day – that of all the selfless, caring, generous and often brave volunteers who support charities across these islands and beyond!

This morning, the chairman of our board, Adrian and his two colleagues, Thomas and Riley, set off to walk through Edinburgh for the annual and gruelling 26 mile Kilt Walk event.  A few moments ago I received a text to say they are now over the finishing line, it has taken them nine and a half hours to complete.  The poor things are suffering from a combination of blisters, sore knees, toes, ankles, exhaustion and no doubt, chaffed inner thighs!! They carried out this mammoth feat in order to help with the costs of supporting those of us suffering from PBC.  Thank you to these wonderful chaps from every single one of us within the Foundation and elsewhere.

I met up with the chaps at the eighteen mile mark to give them drinks (aye a wee dram), sandwiches and crisps for which they were extremely grateful.  The wee dram certainly brought a smile to their faces!!  Anyhow, whilst waiting for them to arrive at the pre-arranged rendezvous at Holyrood Palace, I sat on the grass watching hundreds and hundreds of kilt walkers going by.  Roughly three quarters of these amazing people were wearing charity t-shirts of many different charities – all household names and you would know each one.  A man was pushing a lady in a wheel chair and she had crutches with her, every so often, she got up from her wheelchair, hobbled on her crutches as far as she could and then back in the wheelchair again.  The determination on her face was inspirational!  I saw two walker wearing makeshift kilts made of the Welsh national flag with, the red dragon draped around them. Given my husband is from Neath-Port Talbot, we called out to them and they were proudly as they put it ‘Swansea Boys’.  Wonderful.

Through the crowds of walkers I spotted our chaps and indeed wearing our PBC t-shirt.  I was feeling (and I am sure I looked like) a very proud Mama Bear!!

Thank you to every single one of these heroes that help all of our charities survive.  These are difficult times and I know much is said of various other sectors in society, please believe me the Charity sector is suffering the most and there is barely a mention of our plight anywhere.  I heard this week of a children’s hospital charity in Edinburgh which, very sadly will be closing its doors with the next week due to lack of funds.  Tough and sad times indeed.

On a happier note – I can inform you as I have it on good authority, that Adrian, Thomas and Riley are, as I type, fast asleep.

Thank you gentlemen and thank you to every charity volunteer – your work makes a huge positive difference to us all.