First Blog
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The PBC Foundation is the only UK based organisation that specifically deals with PBC.

First Blog

First Blog

There is a first time for everything and this my dear friends (or readers) is my very first blog for the PBC Foundation.

This has been a good year for us so far, not only do we have this lovely new all singing and dancing website but more seriously, we have and are achieving so much for those suffering with PBC.

Given that when I was first diagnosed with PBC in 1994 there was no internet, trying to provide information on any aspect of PBC was extremely difficult. People were isolated and fearful and had very little by way of advice and support.  What a long way we have come!  The content of this site can be read by the world population of PBC and I am very proud of my staff team and a huge number of volunteers and friends who have helped us achieve this.

Many of you suffering from PBC will be taking Urso - well, now there are double strength pills so we need take less tablets in a day - how marvelous is that?

We are not the only creatures to take Urso!  New Year's Day this year brought a rescue dog to my house by the name of Holly.  Delightful wee thing that she is, due to pressure of my work she has to spend a couple of hours each day on her own.  It was my fault that I didn't move the pen and specs from my crossword on the coffee table and so - yes she did, she chewed them.  Beside these items was my Urso - yes, she chewed them too - only five of them but enough so as the vet had to make her sick given she had officially 'overdosed'!  It was the vet who explained to me that Urso is given to dogs too BUT in a much smaller dose!  Needless to say, nothing is left lying around now!

In all my 57 years I have been lucky to have a sunny birthday and that is how it was last week.  My family sat with me in my garden chatting, swapping stories, playing with the grand children and of course Holly.  My birthday treat?  Sharing those wonderful hours with those I love best, the most precious and wonderful thing they can give me in this busy world is their time and I enjoyed every second.  Oh and the bacon and egg rolls too - absolute bliss.

Until next time.