Get on your Bike!!
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The PBC Foundation is the only UK based organisation that specifically deals with PBC.

Get on your Bike!!

Get on your Bike!!

You will see from the photograph of Holly, my little dog, the beauty and tranquility of the Mull of Kintyre coastline. Oh how she enjoyed those beautiful runs on a deserted beach dancing in and out of the waves. Seems a bit silly really but I was quite envious of her, watching her reminded me of our carefree days as children spending many hours building sandcastles and moats at Portobello beach in Edinburgh. All without a care in the world!

Here we are in the present and ready to undertake the (just under) fifty mile cycle this Sunday 14th September to celebrate International PBC Day. The pressure is on! Lots of worries: with the weather be kind? Will I have enough energy? Will I stay on my bike? Will people outside the PBC community even notice what we are doing? I sincerely hope that all the answers are positive ones! Personally, I quite enjoy a challenge and although I have cycled this (very hilly) route on one other occasion, I was lighter, younger and tougher. People weren’t watching or sponsoring me either!

That said, I am so very passionate about many aspects of PBC and bringing help and support to all those affected by it (including me) that I feel I must give my best for us all. Maybe my antics will inspire others? Perhaps my efforts may help others improve in their own self-belief and feel more positive about living with PBC. My diagnosis came after many years of struggling with fatigue, lethargy and tiredness. (Yes, to me they are all different things.) Twenty years to be precise and I must admit to feeling a bit of a dab hand at living with PBC and all its peculiar symptoms.

I know I will be taking many many good wishes with me on the trip, which by the way, I expect will take me all day.

Photos of me puffing on the top of an 800 feet climb for next blog – oh and the story I promised of the seat I sat in just after the Hairy Bikers.

Until then……………………………………