Guidelines and Goodwill
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The PBC Foundation is the only UK based organisation that specifically deals with PBC.

Guidelines and Goodwill

National Guidelines as a tool for health professionals looking after the PBC patient in this country has for many years been at the top of my wish list.  Delighted to tell you that Robert and I attended a meeting at the Royal College of Physicians this morning in London with Professor David Jones, Dr Gideon Hirshfield and others to discuss and agree just exactly what those guidelines will and should be.  We are thrilled with the outcome of the meeting and we all agreed each point after sometimes lengthy discussion.  Fantastic too was the reverence give to what the patients’ needs and requirements are, which were (I hope) more than adequately represented by the Foundation.

These past few days have brought good things to the Foundation which you will see in the next edition of the Bear Facts. Out of a fantastic fundraiser in Edinburgh, a Strictly evening, much awareness and valuable funds were raised. Also, four lovely individuals came forward with the idea of becoming the Foundation events team, great idea given next year is our twenty year anniversary. Here in London, one of our members mother and her friends want to create a team for fundraising purposes only and all proceeds are to be donated to the Foundation.

My mantra is that we should leave this world a little better then how we found it - many of you do just that. Wonderful