Happy Experience
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Happy Experience

Happy Experience

As discussed previously, Living with PBC doesn’t come without its challenges, both physical, psychological and emotional. In my previous blog I was keen to share with you some of what worked for me regarding exercise but, as you know, there are more challenges to face than that.

Music is a great mood enhancer and I am sure that most of you, like me, will have your favourite songs from times gone by that can raise a happy memory or a smile. My granddaughter was here the other day and she wanted me to play Olly Murs (whoever he is!) on my computer for her to listen to. Well, I agreed to that, and of course I was asked to play another song and yet another song by this chappy. I did impress upon her about fairness, and that we should have a listen to something that I like and she could tell me what she thought of my music. Yes, she was happy to do that and she did enjoy Dusty Springfield, Adam Ant (her dad's favourite) the Searchers (yes I am that old) and so on.

All was well until Steve (my husband) wanted in on the game so, yes, he could have a choice too. Steve is from South Wales and we all know what a wonderful nation of singers they are, so on that basis we were really looking forward to his choice. After thinking for a few moments he declared his favourite of all time was - Val Doonican's Paddy McGinty's Goat! It was lovely to hear the song again after all these years and boy did we laugh!

Laughter is important although there are times we all struggle to find things to laugh about. However, there are things that make us smile which help too. The picture in this blog is what is called in my house 'the happy window'. This is a little window that both my granddaughters put stickers on that make them feel happy. Of course the stickers chop and change over time depending on the mood of the girls. They range from bunny rabbits to butterflies to Star Wars figure and so on. Every single time I walk into that little room (especially when the girls are not with me) I look at the 'happy window' and I smile. I hope you don't think me corny in saying that we are all more than capable to make our own 'happy windows'. The simplest of things can often have the greatest and most positive effects!

Back soon....