It's a funny old world!!
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It's a funny old world!!

It's a funny old world!!

Walking along the beach at Bamburgh is a lovely experience but in April, quite chilly!

Of course, the three/four mile walk is far more enjoyable watching Holly Jones chase and return her ball, for a small treat I would add. There was a point when the ball went into the water and she wouldn’t venture in to retrieve it, I think because the water was so freezing cold. Yes, muggins here took my shoes and socks off and did the decent thing and brought her ball back.

I was only able to stay in the water a few seconds, such was the shock of the cold. However, when I popped out, I noticed that my usually painfully hot ankle felt a tiny bit better. I went back and forward into the sea quite a few times and I had hours of pain relief thereafter. Fantastic.

Over the last few months I had noticed an increased level of pain alongside other strange symptoms which I hadn’t experienced previously. I put it down to old age, being a bit heavier than what I would like to be, overwork, stress and of course PBC. Yes that old chestnut!

On coming home, I didn’t feel as well or rested as I normally would. A very sudden onset of a new symptom and off to see the GP. To my surprise and shock, I’m now being treated for another rare, autoimmune condition. Where have I heard this before?! I was given immediate treatment which will hopefully, in the fullness of time, put the genie back in the bottle and all will be well. They tell me the outlook is positive. Happy days!!

I was lucky, and thank goodness for our wonderful NHS. If you have new symptoms or anything has changed, please do have them checked out! PBC shouldn’t be blamed for everything you’re feeling and experiencing. I’m sure your GP/ consultant would rather you did ask.

I’m certainly feeling much better and enjoying taking some time out for myself. I’m determined to improve on my Movement as Medicine regime - it helps mentally, emotionally and of course physically and I love the idea of achieving something for me and for me alone - even if it’s ten thousand steps on my pedometer, it’s better than sitting around doing not much.

There is irony everywhere in life and I couldn’t help but notice the ‘rare autoimmune’ condition I’m being treated for has no support group activity whatsoever!

Hmmm maybe for another time......