Reunion in Northern Ireland
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The PBC Foundation is the only UK based organisation that specifically deals with PBC.

Reunion in Northern Ireland

Reunion in Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is a lovely place to visit, its locals are extremely friendly and very helpful to strangers who don't know they're way around.  Many tips and suggestions are offered as to where to go and what to see, particularly around the beautiful coastal route.  All suggestions were     indeed welcome.  We also enjoyed cycling though the Glens of Antrim where the scenery is beautiful, peaceful and unspoiled.  Few vehicles passed us but of those that did, each driver gave us a friendly wave.

The visit was a wonderful opportunity to visit one of the Foundations very first volunteers, Margaret Knipe and her charming husband, Harvey who looked after our Northern Ireland members for many years from 1996.  Margaret received her transplant at Kings College hospital in January 1997 and this gave her a whole new lease of life. 

Aside from looking after PBC interests in Northern Ireland, Margaret and Harvey were great and supportive friends to me personally which I have always valued.  Neither of them shy of speaking their minds, their wisdom and guidance was respected by all in Team PBC camp!

We had a good natter for a couple of hours recently and I am delighted to say, their sense of humour was as sharp as ever.  Of course, as usual, the giggles I am sure could be heard down the road! We spoke of all the hard work it took to launch the Foundation, difficult too in the days where there was no internet.  Our hard work did pay off and I was thrilled to be able to tell them face to face that PBC has lost the name Cirrhosis and is now Primary Biliary Cholangitis.  needless to say they were chuffed to bits. I was sad too that they both have health problems which they don't complain about but just accept that is what comes from being in their late seventies. What a delight they both are.

Margaret handed on the mantle to Jackie Storey whom I hope to catch up with soon.  More cycling to be done in the meantime to work off some of the excess Irish Stew I have been indulging in.........