The benefits of movement; from dog walking to flying across the English Channel.
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The PBC Foundation is the only UK based organisation that specifically deals with PBC.

  The benefits of movement; from dog walking to flying across the English Channel.

The benefits of movement; from dog walking to flying across the English Channel.

The lovely holiday that I enjoyed so much in Northern Ireland in June feels not so much a recent event but rather that it happened many long months ago.  Shortly afterward the trip, I had to undergo surgery to my ankle, which was not only extremely painful and debilitating, but the effect of the various heavy duty painkillers was quite unpleasant as most PBC sufferers’ will know.  Not being able to walk my wee dog Holly was also a very difficult aspect for me to endure.  As I lay on the settee, day after day, foot raised and ice pack adorned I had plenty of time to ponder! 

My PBC work, the Foundation and our drive to keep our members up to date with events and supported through their journey is extremely important to me and I am fully committed to the PBC cause.  Ask any woman how busy she is giving her time to children, grandchildren, running a home, shopping, gardening, trying to be a good friend when needed – the list is endless.  In amongst all that, the time I spend walking Holly is precious to me in many ways.  Not only is it what they call these days ‘my time’ but that time truly is my ‘movement as medicine’.  Those of you who know me personally, those who read the Bear Facts will know of my ‘drum banging’ regarding the physical, emotional and psychological benefits of movement and I can assure you, I suffered in all of these departments by not having my usual dog walk whether that be for ten minutes, an hour or a bit more!  What a wakeup call that was in terms of self-discovery!  We should never under estimate the smaller and simpler pleasures in life.

Happy to say, I am now walking Holly again but not as far as I would like – here I need to learn patience!  I am catching up with my work and my house is looking less like a doss house!  Thinking back to my lovely holiday in Ballycastle and of the bar on the sea front, owned by Terence, his mum and grandmother before him, (Anglers Arms) and the wonderful juke box he has on the premises.  One of the many simpler pleasures I enjoy is singing (of sorts) and oh I enjoyed singing, humming and or “la la laa-ing” to all the fabulous songs from the sixties – as did the other customers – so much so that Terence (the owner) would put his own money in the juke box whenever I popped in so as we could all share the enjoyment of going down memory lane! Simple pleasures!

We passed through Cairnlough on the way to the ferry leaving Northern Ireland and so we stopped for a stroll and a coffee.  I was tickled to see a plaque dedicated to a war hero – Paddy the Pigeon (see photo) but what a marvellous story which I am happy to share.