The Nicer Side of Life
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The Nicer Side of Life

The Nicer Side of Life

I was deeply touched when my daughter-in-law (Debbie) telephoned me the other evening to say that she and my son (Robert, whom many of you have met through the Foundation) would be driving into Edinburgh with various bits and bobs in the boot of their car for distribution to the homeless people who were sitting/lying on the streets in the freezing cold.  I asked her what indeed she had and if I could help in any way.  Their car was full of blankets, jeans, jumpers, underclothing, a few sleeping bags, socks,  scarfs, hats, toiletries for women, wet wipes, soup and boiled eggs – all scrounged from their friends and neighbours.  What kindness and thoughtfulness…………

Debbie, has spent all of her adult life helping and assisting on the many aspects of animal rescue that is imaginable.  It really does show that if you care about one element of life that it is often transferable to many other forms too. In my experience, this kind of behaviour is extremely infectious and we all benefit from those wonderful people that do indeed think of others.  These are the small acorns that grow into many larger projects where all aspects of society receive a huge benefit.    

One of the most difficult things that I do on a daily basis is get out of bed in the morning!  Once up and moving, the aches, pains and tiredness soon dissipates.  Even better for me mentally is if I can take Holly (my little dog) up Blackford Hill (using the easiest way up of course which snakes around the back of the hill)! Once at the top – I feel a great sense of achievement.  Even better still is if I have time to stop for a few moments to take in the view, Happy Days!!  If I can encourage my PBC friends to do something similar then even Happier Days………!!

On the way down the hill and chained to the fence, I found two bottles of water beside a dog’s bowl – another kind and considerate act by someone who cares about the welfare of the dogs climbing those steep hills. I have taken a photo to show Debbie, which, I am sure will make her smile.

Smiling is also contagious!!