Walking the hind legs off a doggy
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The PBC Foundation is the only UK based organisation that specifically deals with PBC.

Walking the hind legs off a doggy

We keep banging the drum for movement as medicine so it is only right that we put our feet where our mouth was, if you get my meaning. Not only that but I managed to get a doctor to join me. Dr Robert (Bob) Gish is one of the pre-eminent liver specialists in the world and was instrumental in leading the charge in terms of changing the name of PBC to Cholangitis.

Being one of our cousins from across the pond, he took the opportunity to visit the famous hills of Edinburgh recently and took up my offer of a walk with my dog, Holly. Well, PBC and age be damned if we didn’t just go and walk that little dog to a standing protest. She was so tired that the noble Dr Gish chivalrously offered to carry her the remainder of the walk.

I take that puffed out pooch as firm evidence that regular activity has certainly helped boost my general fitness and also helped combat the effects of PBC such as fatigue. This Sunday is PBC Day and I encourage you all to go for a 30 minute walk on that day, then send a picture to us on Twitter, Facebook or by email to rob@pbcfoundation.org.uk as we celebrate movement as medicine around the globe. We’ve got one member running aerobics sessions in Melbourne and I’ll be with a group in Holyrood Park in Edinburgh. Have a look at this map to see the event closest to you.