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Collette's Blog

The PBC Foundation is the only UK based organisation that specifically deals with PBC.

Collette's Blog

Collette's Blog

  • Reunion in Northern Ireland

    Reunion in Northern Ireland

    Posted: Jun 8th, 2015

    Northern Ireland is a lovely place to visit, its locals are extremely friendly and very helpful to strangers who don't know they're way around.  Many tips and suggestions are offered as to where to go and what to see, particularly...
  • PBC Name Change

    PBC Name Change

    Posted: Jun 5th, 2015

    Many things have changed over the nineteen years that the Foundation has given to supporting positive aspects in the life of those with PBC, their families and friends. This month, May 2015, sees another significant change when the...
  • London Seminar

    London Seminar

    Posted: Jun 4th, 2015

    We are hosting a Seminar on PBC in London on Thursday 18th June 2015. We are delighted to have  Andrew Mason from Edmonton, Canada who is an expert in PBC and will address the audience to include a questions and answer session. We...