Collette's Vlog
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Collette's Vlog

The PBC Foundation is the only UK based organisation that specifically deals with PBC.

Collette's Vlog

Collette's Vlog

  • Neath Pop-Up Meeting

    Neath Pop-Up Meeting

    Posted: Sep 19th, 2016

    Hello everyone, Just a quick note to remind you that I will be hosting an informal gathering with other local members in Neath on Thursday 22nd September from 11am-1pm.  I am very much looking forward to meeting everyone. ...
  • Celebrating the PBC Community we've built together

    Celebrating the PBC Community we've built together

    Posted: Sep 9th, 2016

    Celebrating International PBC Day on the 11th September is keeping us busy here in the office.  However, we are indeed very happy to be involved in the preparing and planning of events which we hope will be enjoyed by many. ...