It's your time
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It's your time

It's your time

There have been many key developments for people with PBC over the years. Alongside the name change, there is a growing awareness of PBC in the medical and wider community. We are not claiming credit for this, but instead the collective voices of organisations such as ourselves, the PBCers, Deutsche Liberhilfe and others have amplified the voice of the global PBC community. 

Equally key to the campaign to advance the cause of those with PBC has been the work of the good folks at Intercept Pharma. They have created a series of campaigns which aim to encourage you to ask the questions which will help you. 

In the first installment of this campaign, they are looking at the conversations you should be having with your clinicians. You can find them outlined in this handy document;

It's Your Time - PBC Conversation Starter.pdf


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