Join Us on International PBC Day 2019
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Join Us on International PBC Day 2019

Join Us on International PBC Day 2019

It’s International PBC Day this Sunday 8th September, and we have various events happening up and down the UK.  Why not pop along to your local event and help raise support in your area?  This is also an excellent opportunity to meet up with others who live with PBC.  You will find details of all events within the Existing Members section of our website or in the latest edition of the Bear Facts.

The campaign for this year's PBC Day is "Know Your Numbers".  There are a number of reasons for this, and a number of numbers that are important.  You can use the PBC App to record your numbers (even backdating them to when you were first diagnosed) to then be able to see the changes.  These changes are key to you and your PBC journey.

Please watch this video here  to see the differentce knowing your numbers can make.

Even if there is no event in your area or you are unable to take part in an event, you can still help the Foundation by pressing the Donate button and help us keep the services we offer to our members free for all.


We thank you for your ongoing support.