June Webinars
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June Webinars

June Webinars

The webinars we have hosted during the Covid-19 pandemic have been very well received.  Thank you to everyone who has participated.

We will continue to host our webinars each Monday and Thursday through June. If nothing changes substantially, we may even continue them even longer, ensuring your questions and need for answers are addressed. Below, you will see the “room names” and links for our June webinars. There is a whole host of additional log-in information that may be needed should you be using a phone, the Clickmeeting App or other devices, also below.

Every Monday, we have been covering some self-management material that may be helpful and that shall continue. Every Thursday is a Q&A session with Collette and with Prof James Neuberger: our CEO and Chair of our Medical Advisory Board. These webinars will all be available on our facebook page both as live and recorded events.

On Friday 12th June, International NASH Day, we will be hosting a special webinar on PBC and NASH. For this webinar, you will need to register your interest and then we shall send you the password to gain access to the webinar room. If the room fills, then we shall share it on facebook live also.

All webinars take place at 2pm UK time.

Monday 01 June - Relaxation Techniques

Room URL: https://pbcfoundation.clickmeeting.com/0106

Room ID: 487-211-546

Participant PIN 551259857#

Thursday 04 June - Covid-19 and PBC Q&A

Room URL: https://pbcfoundation.clickmeeting.com/0406

Room ID: 711-688-663

Participant PIN 982595347#

Monday 08 June - Self-management Q&A

Room URL: https://pbcfoundation.clickmeeting.com/0806

Room ID: 348-484-952

Participant PIN 551744864#

Thursday 11 June - Covid-19 and PBC Q&A

Room URL: https://pbcfoundation.clickmeeting.com/1106

Room ID: 233-582-986

Participant PIN 351883491#

Friday 12 June - International NASH Day Webinar

Room URL: https://pbcfoundation.clickmeeting.com/nash


Monday 15 JuneSelf-Management Techniques: that can help you better deal with, plan and improve your everyday routine in managing your PBC

Room URL: https://pbcfoundation.clickmeeting.com/1506

Room ID: 183-878-614

Participant PIN 892711653#

Thursday 18 June - Covid-19 and PBC Q&A

Room URL: https://pbcfoundation.clickmeeting.com/1806

Room ID: 161-892-581

Participant PIN 322951367#

Monday 22 June - Movement as Medicine for all ages and abilities: with guest participant Roma.

Room URL: https://pbcfoundation.clickmeeting.com/2206

Room ID: 942-835-833

Participant PIN 977664296#

Thursday 25 June - Covid-19 and PBC Q&A

Room URL: https://pbcfoundation.clickmeeting.com/2506

Room ID: 514-535-729

Participant PIN 276671665#

Monday 29 June - PBC and Me

Room URL: https://pbcfoundation.clickmeeting.com/2906

Room ID: 244-296-212

Participant PIN 652452993#

Thursday 02 July - Covid-19 and PBC Q&A

Room URL: https://pbcfoundation.clickmeeting.com/0207

Room ID: 184-571-144   

Participant PIN 173457481#

A list of July's webinars will be posted later today