Meeting in Birmingham | April 5th, 2016
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Meeting in Birmingham | April 5th, 2016

Meeting in Birmingham | April 5th, 2016


On Tuesday 5th April our volunteer, Diane, is holding a meeting in Birmingham. So if you live nearby or happen to be in the area, do pop along. 

PBC Foundation Meeting in Birmingham

Diane (Regional Volunteer for West Midlands) will be holding a meeting from 7pm until 9pm at the following venue;

Ramada Hotel, The Square, Solihull, Birmingham B91 3RB


These meetings are held in local areas to allow all those with or affected by PBC to meet in an informal setting to learn from and support one another. More often than not, laughter and good-natured camaraderie is the common experience. 

Our volunteers will be looking at how best to support members in your area and would welcome your thoughts and ideas.  If you are unable to attend and would like to contribute please email me your ideas to and I will pass them on for discussion at the meeting.

If you are able to attend please email me (as above). As these meetings are for our registered users, if you haven't already joined us for free, you can do so by clicking on this link: Join Us

The PBC Foundation is member driven and your support and input is both appreciated and necessary to help drive the organisation forward. 

Linda Butler



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The Rotunda and an entrance to the 'Bullring' centre. (Row17) / CC BY-SA 2.0