PBC The Bigger Picture: this November
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PBC The Bigger Picture: this November

PBC The Bigger Picture: this November

Within just a few decades, we have seen remarkable progress in the understanding and treatment of PBC. Today, a normal life expectancy is finally achievable for many of those with PBC. However, despite the work of the PBC Foundation and its members, not everyone is receiving the right treatment or the support they need. Far too many people are taking the wrong dose of UDCA, are unaware of advantageous lifestyle choices, or are managing their PBC in isolation.

That’s why the Foundation is launching a new campaign in a bid to ensure every person with PBC is living the best life possible. The campaign, PBC The Bigger Picture, centres around three core pillars of PBC care ­– treatment, lifestyle and support. Taken together, these pillars provide a more complete picture of what it takes to live well with PBC.

“Everything we have learned to date brings us to the notion that the best patient is an informed patient”, said PBC Foundation CEO Collette Thain. “The more information you have, the more engaged you will be in conversation with others, and more confident in ensuring you gain access to the services you need.”

The campaign hopes not only to empower patients, but also to engage their healthcare professionals. ‘When you are dealing with a lifelong disease, successful treatment and outcomes are always best achieved through a respectful and two-way partnership between patient and clinician”, said Jennifer Hayden, an autoimmune liver disease Clinical Nurse Specialist at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust.

Starting this November, the PBC The Bigger Picture campaign will circulate everywhere from social media to letterboxes. Together, with your likes and shares, we can bring the bigger picture of care to everyone living and working with PBC. Together, we can champion a new spirit of partnership between patients and HCPs. And together, we can make effective, personalised care for everyone with PBC a reality.