Webinars are go!
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Webinars are go!

Webinars are go!

Our series of Webinars are underway, but it isn't too late to join in. Previous webinar recordings are available in the videos page of our Members' section


Friday 17th March, 3pm GMT: Relaxation Techniques

This webinar is exactly as the title suggests: we shall explore various relaxation techniques in order to manage our stress levels.  Stress has an enormous impact on our lives, and our health, so we need to be able to reduce stress to a more manageable level.



Tuesday 21st March, 3pm GMT: PBC: Your Questions Answered

We anticipate this will be a busy webinar but we shall try to address as many questions as possible on PBC.  We cannot answer individual questions based on your own medical history and this webinar, like all the others, is not designed to replace a medical consultation.  However, we shall try to answer some of the more common questions asked by our audience.  Some of the questions asked may also be addressed in other forms, such as in the Bear Facts or on our website also.



Tuesday 28th March, 3pm BST: Emotional Self-management

This webinar will build our emotional self-awareness, exploring how we feel on any given day, how that can affect our PBC and what we can do to improve how we feel, and the impact our emotions have on our quality of life.



Friday 31st March, 3pm BST: Psychological Self-management

This webinar will look at the thoughts in our heads, the language we use and how we can influence how we feel, physically and emotionally, by improving the quality of our thoughts. 



Tuesday 4th April, 3pm BST: Physical Self-management

This webinar will look at what we do to ourselves physically and look at the impact that can have on our daily lives.  What we do to our bodies can have an immeasurable impact on our mood, our emotional wellbeing and our psychological wellbeing.  We shall use this time to explore some of the effects our choices have and what we can do to make better choices.



Saturday 8th April, 5pm BST: Patient Involvement in the World of PBC

This webinar will inform participants on latest research studies, results and opportunities as well as highlighting latest drives and campaigns, sharing ways in which our service users can become more involved in the work we, as a PBC community, do.



Tuesday 11th April, 3pm BST: Recap

This webinar will be an opportunity to recap on all of the subjects covered in the other webinars, with opportunities to seek and provide clarification on any tools and techniques shared, difficulties faced and more support structures available to our service users.



The first few minutes of each webinar will give time for people to settle in and get comfortable.  We would recommend pen and paper, probably a whole pad set specifically for these webinars; coloured pens or pencils; and a ruler.  There will be lots of tools and techniques shared as well as lots of time for questions.  We hope these will be well attended so we shall see how many questions we get, and how many of these we can answer directly.