What difference can you make
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The PBC Foundation is the only UK based organisation that specifically deals with PBC.

What difference can you make

What difference can you make

Our feedback illustrates that our work is making a real positive difference to the lives of PBC sufferers.  Here is what our members have recently told us about our services:

On finding our organisation:

“Though my diagnosis was only three months ago, I’m now feeling pretty positive about what the future may hold after joining the Foundation.  My [medical expert] gave me very little information and having never heard of this condition until shortly before diagnosis, I was very frightened, especially accessing the horror stories on the internet.  Fortunately, I came across your website and The PBC Foundation has been paramount in putting my thoughts and symptoms into perspective”.

On our publications:

“I developed PBC fifteen years ago and I was totally devastated, mostly because I had never heard of this disease and no one really knew much about it.  Since then I have learnt to live with it and feel ‘quite normal’ sometimes.  I can honestly say that without The Bear Facts it would have been very hard”.

“I know a number of people who suffer from other conditions and none of them have received anything like (our compendium) to support them.  When I let them see what I received, they are very impressed by the variety of information in it.  I really do find the compendium a fantastic publication”.