Our volunteer network is one of the most crucial services we offer, especially for those who are newly diagnosed.

A group of female and male PBC Foundation volunteers smiling in an outdoor setting.
  • Make a difference to people living with PBC.
  • Give something back to the PBC community.
  • Share your knowledge & experience.
  • Help to raise funds & awareness.
  • Develop new skills & meet others with PBC.

The PBC Foundation has a network of volunteers which covers most of the UK and Ireland. Our Volunteers are usually someone affected by PBC who has decided to give back to the PBC Foundation and our community, they’re a friend who understands how it is to live with PBC and support our team and members.

Our regional volunteers hold local meetings, fundraisers, and events to raise awareness and educate the public about PBC. They are a local point of contact and bring together people with PBC; there is really something to be said for the first time somebody diagnosed with PBC meets someone else with PBC, or even the first time a carer meets another carer.

We also have a team of administrative volunteers, who help with the running of our charity both remotely, and at our offices in Edinburgh. Whatever your skill set or time commitments, we are always keen for new people to help us in the daily running of the Foundation, supporting our activities, or in securing essential funds.

Volunteering roles include:
  • Creative services (design, photography, video)
  • Data input
  • Leading local groups
  • Leaflet distribution to GPs & hospitals
  • Marketing & PR
  • Office Administration
  • Organising & helping with events
  • Project research & administration

How to Volunteer

If you’d like to support those affected by PBC, then you may wish to consider becoming a volunteer. Volunteering is a very rewarding and fulfilling role. Whilst it takes up much less time than most would imagine, it is a wonderful opportunity to give back to the PBC Foundation, PBC patients, and your community. Find out more in the links below:

I am so happy I decided to volunteer, I’ve met lots of lovely people, we all support one another which helps us all feel less isolated Sue – PBC Foundation Volunteer, Southampton

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