Health Professionals
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Health Professionals

The PBC Foundation is the only UK organisation exclusively dedicated to providing support and information to those affected by PBC

Health Professionals

According to a recent study, as many as 1:1000 women over the age of forty may have PBC

The PBC Foundation is an organisation that has facilitated research and continues to do so, when it can.  There have been projects we have funded, projects we have supported with resources and projects about which we have informed our membership. 

Feel free to give these leaflets to your patients diagnosed with PBC

  • PBC for Health Professionals

    PBC for Health Professionals

    PBC (Primary Biliary Cholangitis) is an autoimmune liver disease with unknown cause. It is in the group of autoimmune diseases which include thyroid disease, some forms of diabetes mellitus, rheumatoid arthritis and Sjögren’s...

  • Diagnostic Tools

    Diagnostic Tools

    There are three investigations upon which the diagnosis of PBC is based: The Antimitochondrial Antibody (AMA); Liver Function Tests; Liver Biopsy.

  • Prescriptive Tools

    Prescriptive Tools

    There is no cure for PBC at present. The only licensed first-line treatment at a dose of 10-15mg/Kg/day is with the bile acid, ursodeoxycholic acid.

    Obeticholic Acid is licensed as a second-line therapy for disease management...

  • PBC in Depth

    PBC in Depth

    Use this section to gain a more in depth knowledge of PBC, including clinical and laboratory features, specific symptoms of PBC and variant forms of the condition.

  • Leaflets


    The PBC Foundation provides three leaflets for you to use. Follow the link to download.