Ipsen Press Release


We are delighted to share with you a recent press release from Ipsen about their experimental compound, Elafibrinor. The original press release can be found here:

Whilst we have not seen the full data yet (they haven’t been peer reviewed and published; something that is likely to happen later this year), this is a potentially important step for those affected by PBC. It is good news that we have companies seeking better solutions for PBC patients, both in terms of disease management and in symptom management, and we welcome the interim results.

By the very nature of a press release the information provided is limited. What the results that they have shown us do suggest is that Elafibrinor is really well tolerated by people and is at least as effective as Obeticholic Acid in the people who took part in the trial (all of whom had had an inadequate response to UDCA on its own). The results certainly look good enough for Ipsen to be taking the next steps towards getting the drug licensed for use in PBC (although this on its own does not guarantee that it is made available in any individual country. In the weeks to come, we shall learn more about the data itself and what they mean for PBC patient. There will be decisions to make, not only in terms of licensing but also where this treatment fits in the grand scheme of PBC disease management and care pathways.

In the meantime, we can only share with you what seems to be good news: and that is we have a new drug which seems to make a difference in disease progression in PBC, and we welcome that warmly.

Thank you to everyone who took part in this trial, without whom we woud not be making this progress.

Watch this space…

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