Newly Diagnosed
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Newly Diagnosed

The PBC Foundation is the only organisation based in the UK that deals specifically with PBC .

Newly Diagnosed

Welcome to this section of our website. This section has been specifically designed for those who have recently been diagnosed with PBC, or are very new to the condition and are looking for some basic information on PBC. By using the menu on the left, you can navigate to the different pages within this section. Please bear in mind that this website does not replace the value of a personalised conversation with a trained member of staff with a good working knowledge of PBC, so if you do have any questions, please call a medical expert.

  • What is PBC

    What is PBC

    PBC (Primary Biliary Cholangitis) is a life-long, auto-immune condition which affects the liver. In simple terms, the body thinks that the bile ducts within the liver are foreign objects and tries to destroy the lining to these...

  • Urso Dose Calculator

    Urso Dose Calculator

    We are delighted to launch our newest self-care tool - The Urso Dose Calculator.

  • Membership Benefits

    Membership Benefits

    If you are affected by PBC, and have not already joined us, we would urge you to join the PBC Foundation. Membership is absolutely free and there are many benefits on joining:

  • PBC App

    PBC App

    We provide a free app for our service users. It includes our compendium, symptom tracker, diary of events, latest news, mood tracker, medicine reminder and more. Get it today. Available for Android and iOS.

  • Publications


    The two main ways we provide our members with information is through our Bear Facts and Compendium publications

  • Leaflets


    The PBC Foundation publishes three information leaflets. One is written specifically for patients with PBC. One is targeted at health professionals. The third leaflet is a general leaflet explaining all about PBC, the Foundation...