June On-line Services
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June On-line Services

June On-line Services

As lockdown eases, we are continuing our online services throughout June.  We shall be updating this article regularly, so please do come back to make sure you have all the relevant links.

There are three aspects to our online support services (all of which are listed in UK time): strengthening the community; improving knowledge; and fun and laughter.

Our June online services include:

1) 4.00pm Chit-Chats on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday
2) Tuesday 2.00pm Self-management sessions
3) Thursday 2.00pm Q&A sessions

1) Collette and Robert will host our Chit-Chat sessions 3 days a week: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. You can join us and the community for what we like to call "coffee with friends", albeit friends from all around the world. We have all sorts of chatter from recipes to quizzes, to games to live music each Friday in our Friday Fizz. We would be delighted to welcome you into these shenanigans.

However, there is a one-off special on Mon 21st June, where we shall have a face-to-face chit chat using our Clickmeeting technology. We are limited to 25 attending at any one moment and so this will be first come, first served. The details are:

Event URL June 21st:
Event ID: 311-271-825

2) Our Tuesday self-management sessions will continue in webinar format.

3) Our popular Q&A sessions with our guest medics will continue on a Thursday.

Recordings of our webinars will be available on our Facebook page.

Tuesday 01st June: Active self-management

Event URL: https://pbcfoundation.clickmeeting.com/0106

Event ID: 917-459-558

Tuesday 08th June: Active self-management

Event URL: https://pbcfoundation.clickmeeting.com/0806

Event ID: 559-955-435

Tuesday 15th June: Active self-management

Event URL: https://pbcfoundation.clickmeeting.com/1506

Event ID: 581-316-966

Tuesday 22nd June: Active self-management

Event URL: https://pbcfoundation.clickmeeting.com/2206

Event ID: 573-292-316

Tuesday 29th June: Active self-management

Event URL: https://pbcfoundation.clickmeeting.com/2906

Event ID: 662-912-725


Thursday 03rd June: Q&A with Collette Thain MBE and Professor James Neuberger

Event URL: https://pbcfoundation.clickmeeting.com/0306

Event ID: 337-462-341

Thursday 10th June: Q&A with Robert Mitchell-Thain and Dr George Mells

                                    The topic is NASH/NAFLDNon-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Event URL: https://pbcfoundation.clickmeeting.com/1006

Event ID: 767-148-338

Thursday 17th June: Q&A with Collette Thain MBE and Professor David Jones OBE

Event URL: https://pbcfoundation.clickmeeting.com/1706

Event ID: 213-189-612

Thursday 24th June: Q&A with Collette Thain MBE and Professor James Neuberger

Event URL: https://pbcfoundation.clickmeeting.com/2406

Event ID: 814-335-725