International PBC Summit 2024 


09 – 12 April | Edinburgh, Scotland 

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Following the success of last year’s Summit, we are excited to announce that the PBC Foundation will be hosting its second International PBC Summit. 

The Summit will take place from 09 April until 12 April 2024 in Edinburgh, Scotland. 

We will bring together multiple stakeholders including patient advocacy and support groups, clinicians, industry partners, specialist nurses, and regulatory representatives to consolidate the outcomes of last year’s Summit into this year’s theme: to better use what we already know to improve the PBC patient journey.  

The Summit will offer the opportunity to bring together new knowledge and to leverage that to improve practice in care, treatment, policy, and research. We will be taking ideas and the work from last year and solidifying them into palpable projects with firm multi-stakeholder working groups. 

The Summit will comprise of an engaging mix of presentations, roundtable workshops, and plenty of opportunities for collaboration. 

We look forward to bringing you further updates as they become available. 

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Industry Partners

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