Medical Advisory Board

Our Medical Advisory Panel is a formed of experts in PBC and hepatology, from around the world.

A groups of male and female members of our medical advisory board discussing PBC

We work closely with our Medical Advisory Board to bring you accurate and up-to-date information about PBC. We are grateful for the time, knowledge, expertise, and support they bring. This medical information is invaluable to people affected by PBC.

Members of our Medical Advisory Board are:
  • Professor David Jones OBE – Chair
Members of our PBC Foundation team and Medical Advisory Board

If you’d like to hear directly from the experts, we host regular interactive online Q&As, where you can submit your PBC questions. Our Q&As and view topic specific bite sized videos are available on PBC TV (YouTube). We also collaborate on medical content for our website, surveys, Bear Facts and news articles, the Compendium. Our Medical Advisors also join us at conferences and other events.

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